Local SEO for law firms is fiercely competitive.

Find out how we can help you capture more online leads from your competitors.

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If your law firm doesn’t rank in the Top 3 in local search, you need a real lawyer SEO expert.

If you want to capture more new clients and cases from the most successful law firms, you need an internet marketing partner that specializes in local SEO for lawyers. Over the last several years, our team here at Rankings Magic has developed a number of proprietary strategies that have allowed our clients to take over the top spots in local Maps rankings, even in the most competitive markets. No other lawyer SEO agency can match our ability to rank your law firm in the top spots in local Maps search results.

Why is Rankings Magic so much more successful in local SEO than other lawyer SEO agencies?

Our company was founded to develop successful local SEO campaigns for lawyers, and local SEO is still the most important thing we do for our clients. Why? Because ranking your law firm in the top spots in local search results is the best way to make your phone ring. Those coveted spots in Google Maps will generate more new cases for you, at a lower cost than any other marketing investment you could make. Over the last several years there have been dramatic changes in the way search engines determine the order of local rankings for lawyers. Despite the complexity of those algorithm changes, our clients continue to outrank competing law firms in more online searches in even the most competitive markets. No other lawyer SEO agency can match the results we will deliver for your local search rankings.

Online competition between lawyers for new cases means opportunity for amazing ROI from SEO

The outrageously expensive keywords that top law firms bid hundreds of dollars on (for a single click) actually make investing in Local SEO for attorneys even more attractive. Once your law firm ranks in the top spots of Maps search results, you can capture online leads generated from those same pricey keywords… without having to pay every time a potential new client clicks on your listing. Most lawyers have no choice but to rely heavily on expensive pay-per-click advertising to generate new clients. However, getting your law firm into the top local search rankings will enable you to bring in more new clients at a far lower cost than your competitors who don’t rank in Google’s Local Maps. With the cost for the most competitive legal keywords ranging from $200 to well over $400 per-click, it doesn’t take long for the savings generated from top local search rankings to more than cover the monthly cost of successful SEO campaigns. In fact, lawyers who rank in the top spots of local search results enjoy an exceptional return on their investment, especially in highly-competitive markets.

Find out if your law firm’s website has been put at risk

We see it all the time. Law firms that aren’t happy with their current internet marketing agency will often hire us to perform an SEO Audit on their website, and our analysts uncover potentially toxic links from PBN’s in their backlink profile. If you’ve ever hired a ‘low-cost’ SEO agency to work on your law firm’s rankings, you are more than likely at risk from having backlinks to your website from PBN’s. PBN’s can be difficult to identify, but our in-house analysts specialize in uncovering these backlinks no matter how hard someone has worked to disguise them. We’ve created a special SEO Audit specifically for lawyers who are concerned about the possibility of having PBN backlinks pointing to their website.

What other benefits do law firms get with Rankings Magic?

  • Capture More Online Leads From Your Competition

    Stop losing new patients to other lawyers who outrank you in Local search results.
  • Bring In More New Cases And Grow Your Revenues

    Start converting more new clients, and new cases from a larger area.
  • Increase Your Net Profit And Your Profit Margins

    Build a more profitable law firm, and acquire more new cases at a better ROI.
  • Detailed Monthly Reporting

    We report to you on the work we’ve done, what’s next, and results achieved every month.
  • Proprietary Process

    We’ve pioneered SEO strategies that give our lawyers a huge edge in local search rankings.
  • We Are Your Partner

    Our entire business is based on the success and growth of your law firm.

Stop losing new cases to your competition

Can we help grow your law firm?

Our team at Rankings Magic represents the gold standard in online marketing for law firms of all sizes, and we will exceed your expectations if we partner together to grow your practice. That being said, we won’t always be a fit for every law firm. It’s always best to determine upfront if we’re a good fit for each other, and our evaluation process allows us to get to know each other better without taking up too much of your valuable time.

Let’s Discuss Goals & Objectives For Your Law Firm

Finding out what your internet marketing and business goals are is the first step determining if we’re a good fit to help you reach them. Once we understand what your goals are, we can talk about your desired timeframes, and if our lawyer SEO services are the best option for your firm. If we aren’t the best option for you, we’ll let you know upfront so we aren’t wasting each other’s time. If we believe we can be a good fit, and help you achieve your goals, we’ll take the next step by taking a close look at where you are starting from with your current website and rankings.

Get in touch with us

If you’re ready to take the next step and find out what we can do for you, get in touch with us for a quick chat. Let’s figure out how we can help you grow practice into thriving law firm.